Choosing and Designing Tribal Tattoos for Men and Women

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Choosing and Designing Tribal Tattoos for Men and Women

Tattoos are a great way of embodying something that you love, find interesting, or find meaningful. One type of tattoo that is adored by many, especially men, are tribal tattoos. Not only do tribal tattoos look great, but they are great for placing on almost any part of your body, have many variations, and like other tattoos, they can even produce a different and individual look depending on your skin type. While tribal tattoos are most often worn by men, they are also great for women and you will find many women sporting this tattoo as well. One of the many benefits of the tribal tattoo is that it looks great on pretty much anyone. As with any tattoo it is important to take into consideration all the factors before permanently getting a tattoo placed on your body. In this article we will talk about what to consider when deciding on getting tribal tattoos for men and even women.

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Selecting Your Tribal Tattoos for Men and Women

While it certainly is not hard to spot a tribal design once you know what one looks like, tribal designs do come in many different variations. Tribal tattoos for men and women is simple, but with so many options sometimes the decision can take some time and some sifting through online tattoo galleries and catalogs. You can also opt to look through tattoo books for more ideas, although this is not usually necessary. As always, if you get stuck when designing or picking your tattoo, you should talk to a tattoo artist as they can give great ideas and suggestions for both men and women.

Tribal Arm Tattoo for Men

Tribal Tattoo photo by JD | Photography

One thing people do not always realize when first learning about tribal tattoos is that tribal designs have a different look and feel to them. Some designs have swirling and looping elements to them while others have a more jagged appearance. Think about what look feels right to you and consider having a combination of styles to add more uniqueness. Also consider that tribal tattoos for men and women can look different from further away than they do close up.

Color is another element to consider when designing tribal tattoos for men and women. Most people opt to get black tribal tattoos, however to add some flare and individuality you might consider adding some colors to yours. Different colors symbolize different meanings so it is important to explore color meanings even if you are getting your tattoo for aesthetic reasons and not for meaning.

Deciding Where to Put Tribal Tattoos for Men and Women

Tribal tattoos for men and women are a great option and can be placed almost anywhere on the body. However, you may opt to place your tribal tattoo on a different part of your body depending on your gender.

Stretch tattoos are great for putting on your back. Men may prefer to put their tribal tattoos on their upper back while women have the option of putting their tribal tattoos on their lower back in addition to their upper back.

This is also a good tattoo for men, and even women, who are interested in getting tattoos on their arms. Both men and women may choose to put their tribal tattoo on their fingers like a ring or even on the side of a finger or hand. Another great place for putting your tribal tattoo is on your foot. This works great for both men and women. Women may often decide to put their tattoo on their ankle although this is also an option for any men who are interested in ankle tattoos.

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One thing to consider no matter what style of tattoo you choose to get is whether your daily routine requires that you cover up your tattoos at times. Times when you may want to temporarily cover up your tattoos can include while at work, at weddings, at professional networking events, etc.  Once you have selected your tattoo’s location, it will help you determine the size that you would like your tattoo to be.

The Meaning Behind Tribal Tattoos

Like with any tattoo, tribal tattoos for men and women have different meanings for their different symbols. Look into the different tribal tattoos that you are interested and dive into learning the meanings behind the symbols that you find interesting. Even if you are not interested in getting the tattoo for its meaning, understanding the origins and symbolism behind your tattoo can add another element of depth and personality to your choice.


Originally, tribal tattoos for men and women were pretty generic. However, as this type of design has grown in popularity, tribal tattoos for men and women have become much more intricate and involve much more creativity in their designs. Take some time to select the look, location and meanings of your tribal tattoo. In doing some research on your tattoos, you will be better equipped to make a tattoo decision that looks great on our body, has meaning, fits your personality, and makes you happy.


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