How to Make a Fake Tattoo That Looks Real

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How to Make a Fake Tattoo That Looks Real

Getting a real tattoo that is permanent and last forever is a big decision and one that can be hard to settle. However, by getting a fake tattoo first, you can test out whether your tattoo design is one that you really love and will look great before making it a permanent part of your body. There are many ways on how to make a fake tattoo including stick on tattoos as well as more customizable fake tattoos like henna tattoos, glitter tattoos and airbrush tattoos. If you are interested in how to make a fake tattoo it is helpful to know the pros and cons of each method so you can select the one that is best for your needs.

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Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a great way to get a safe tattoo that lasts more than just a couple of days or weeks. Henna tattoos can last a few weeks and are made out of crushed henna leaves from a henna, or hina, plant mixed with something acidic such as tea or lemon juice. While henna tattoo paste that is not made well can irritate the skin, overall the henna tattoo is one that is not only fun to play with but is natural and good for you as well. The downside of getting a henna tattoo is that it dries on your skin as a brownish-red color so there is not much flexibility with the coloring. You can, however make the henna black although this is not commonly done. The henna tattoo is a great option especially if you are looking to know how to make fake tattoo, but if you want to test out different colors on your skin, you may want to consider other fake tattoo options as well.

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are another great option for anyone wanting to know how to make a fake tattoo and also play with designs and colors. Glitter tattoos definitely do add more flare with not only their glitter but their bright colors. They are usually waterproof and are for kids and adults alike. This is a great way to test out different tattoo ideas and to see how a design may look on different areas of your body. This tattoo is not meant to be entirely customizable as glitter tattoo stencils are often used with the glitter tattoo products. If you can find the right stencils and colors or if you or a friend of yours is artistic, you can certainly customize a little more. This is a tattoo that can involve a lot of free hand artwork. Do keep in mind that the colors in glitter tattoos will be much brighter than in a real tattoo. For any men interested in how to make a fake tattoo this may not be your top choice of tattoo, but it certainly can work for men as well as there are many color choices to choose from.

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Airbrush Tattoos


Airbrush fake tattoo that looks real

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Airbrush tattoos are like glitter tattoos in that they involve a lot of stencil usage. Airbrush tattoos are different from henna tattoos. Whereas henna tattoos dye and stain the skin using a paste made out of plant leaves, airbrush tattoos are made out of paint. Airbrush tattoos generally last no more than a week and can be placed anywhere on the body. This type of tattoo is not very customizable. While you could certainly work without the stencil, it is hard to use the airbrush tattoo free-style. If you want to customize the airbrush tattoo, it is all about finding the right stencils.

Stick On Fake Tattoos

Stick on tattoos ,which are the most commonly thought of option for those who want to know how to make a fake tattoo, are temporary tattoos that come pre-made in packages that you can buy at the store. These tattoos are not customizable, although their designs are nice. These tattoos are most often worn my children, but some adults like to wear them as well just for fun. This is a great tattoo option if you want to test whether you like a tattoo in a particular part of your body such as the ankle, lower back, neck, etc. It is also great if you want to see how colors may look on your skin. However, if you want to see how your specific tattoo design will look, this is not the best fake tattoo option to use as this tattoo is not customizable in any way.

Tattoos with Sharpies and Ball Point Pens

Many people interested in how to make a fake tattoo opt for ones that are made by drawing on their skin with ball point pens or sharpies. If you want to test how colors may look on your skin, the location you might want a tattoo, and a specific design this is a great fake tattoo option as it is fully customizable. However, the downside is that you will need to find someone who can draw your design on your skin in the intended location, or be able to draw it yourself. If you are not looking for a specific tattoo design and you just want to test a generic idea, you can find many videos on the internet of people showing you how to draw flowers and other designs. The ball point pen or sharpie tattoo is probably one of the best options for anyone interested in how to make a fake tattoo that looks real.

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There are many options available to anyone wanting to learn how to make a fake tattoo of some kind. Some options are more customizable than others, while some have more or less flexibility in terms of colors than others. Henna, glitter, airbrush, stick on, and sharpie and ball point pen tattoos all have their place in the fake tattoo world. Each will give you an idea of what it would be like to have a permanent tattoo. By understanding some of the differences between each fake tattoo type, you can determine the best way for you to get a feel for the tattoo designs you are interested in before you make it a permanent part of your body.


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