Intriguing Celtic Tattoo Designs

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Intriguing Celtic Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. Today, we get tattoos because we find them interesting, sexy, beautiful, meaningful, or as a way to show your love for something or someone. However, in the past, and even today in some cultures, armies and gangs, tattoos represented status, being of marriageable age, and ancestry among other things. Celtic tattoo designs are no different and they can be an interesting and meaningful tattoo for many. Celtic tattoos are sometimes considered tribal tattoos as well. If you are considering getting a Celtic tattoo design here is some information that can help you decide what type of tattoo design you would like.

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There is a lot of symbolism behind Celtic symbols and this is passed through into their artwork and tattoo designs. One of the most important symbols of the Celtic heritage is the knot. Celtic tattoo designs are full of knots and loops that never end and this represents the continuous cycle of life from birth to death and then rebirth. Celtics were very spiritual in nature which is made clear by their knot symbolism that ties the physical and spiritual together.

Another design that you will often notice is a Celtic knot tattoo that does end – as an animal head and tail. In some designs you may also see the animal’s feet. This is referred to as a zoomorphic design. While this is a common Celtic tattoo design, it is not always considered a pure knot. A pure knot or loop is never ending, and this is not the case when the ends of the loop are made into animal heads, tails and feet. Anything that indicates disconnection of the knot in these designs makes it impure.


Celtic Cross Arm Tattoo Men

Photo by Tattoo_Lover

Celtic tattoos can be worn as armbands, ankle tattoos, or even as a design on the back of the neck or lower back. The design is often incorporated as part of a cross so if you were planning on getting a cross tattoo and want to flare it up, the Celtic cross tattoo is a great way to add a unique and individual flavor to your tattoo design. Eva Longoria has a Celtic cross design tattooed on her lower back and David Gahan from Depeche Mode has one on his left arm. There are many other celebrities with Celtic tattoo designs. 

The Celtic Thors Hammer tattoo is another one of great meaning. This hammer represents strength, bravery, pride and loyalty. It used to be worn by the Celtic warriors at the time and many choose to wear it today to carry its meaning. The Tree of Life is another popular Celtic tattoo design.

The Celtic tattoo design can really be incorporated into any shape including triangles. It can also be combined with other elements like the yin-yang symbol to make it even more unique, meaningful and interesting. The knot symbolism can be formed into the shape of a heart, a dagger, or even done in such a way that it looks like abstract art while still showing and holding the meaning of never ending loops and knots.

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Celtic tattoo designs are mostly worn by those of Irish or Celtic descent as a sign of their ancestry, however it is a design that is gaining in popularity and can be worn by anyone. The Celtic history is filled with beautiful symbolism that can really be attractive to those interested in meaningful tattoos. While these tattoos were originally worn only by the Irish Celtics, these symbols of love, faith and life can be appreciated by anyone. Their symbolism is something we can all relate to and freely embody no matter what our descent. If you are interested in getting a Celtic tattoo design, look into their symbolism and history so you can pick the one that means the most to you.


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