Discover the Many Flower Tattoo Meanings

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Discover the Many Flower Tattoo Meanings


Colorful wrist flower tattoo

Flower Tattoo photo by antigone78

Flower tattoos are a common tattoo design for many people. While floral tattoos are generally worn by women, many men also choose to get flower tattoos. In fact, many men choose to get rose tattoos. Flower tattoos have endless meanings and the different combinations of flower types and colors can really make this tattoo design an exciting one. It is important to take into account the many factors involved in designing your tattoo so you can design the one that most matches who you are. 


Flower Tattoo Meanings and Geography

Flowers are found all over the world and as a result, different flowers tattoos are more popular in certain areas compared to other areas. Furthermore, similar flowers that are located in different parts of the world can have different tattoo meanings depending on what part of the world you are in. There really is much to explore when it comes to finding the perfect flower tattoo and meaning for you. 

Western Flower Tattoo Meanings

In the western world, popular flowers and their respective tattoo meanings include: 

Roses – love, passion, innocence, unity, desire, friendship, joy, elegance, enchantment, concentration, balance

Sunflowers – energy, joy, life, spiritual awareness, good luck

Tulips – opportunity, advancement, ambition, spiritual awakening, determination, love, passion

Daffodils – truth, honesty, integrity, faith

Violets – shyness, timidity, prefer taking life slow

Iris – wisdom, virtue

Magnolias – love of nature, beauty and life

Acacia – love and friendship

Bells of Ireland – this is a common tattoo in Ireland for those who fortune and good luck. Those who have this tattoo are known to be very lucky. 

Eastern and Western Flower Tattoos and Meanings 

Lilies – this flower is one that is found all around the world and has different meanings in different cultures. In western cultures, this flower represents loyalty and partnership. It can also represent faith, chastity and pure heart. In some eastern cultures, like the Chinese culture, the lily flower tattoo means abundance and innocence, while in others like the Egyptian culture it represents sexuality and fertility. For the Greeks, this symbol represents motherhood.

Eastern Flower Tattoo Meanings 


Shoulder Flower Tattoo for Women

Flower Tattoo photo by Santini Roberto

Lotus – this is a popular flower in Eastern cultures, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism where this flower represents the awakening of the spirit, inner beauty, the struggle of life and peace of our inner being. This flower tattoo also represents love and purity much like the rose tattoo does for western cultures. This flower also represents peace, beauty, fortune and goodness.

Cherry blossom or Sakura Tree – this is a very popular tattoo that holds great meaning for the Chinese and Japanese cultures and this flower tattoo is growing in popularity in the Western world. 

Colors and Flower Tattoo Meanings

As you can probably tell, there are many meanings for each the various flower tattoos mentioned in this article. And there are hundreds of flower tattoos that you can get, each with their many meanings. Think about all of the possibilities! One of the reasons why each of the flowers represented here have so many meanings associated to them is because of the many colors that they can come in. As a result, it is useful to look into specific colors and their meanings when deciding on your flower tattoo. While each flower is different and will elicit different meanings from the color of the flower, in general here are some color meanings: 

Red – love, passion, boldness, youth

Orange – excitement, refreshing,

Yellow – friendliness, cheerfulness, familiarity

Green – health, abundance, fertility

Blue – emotions, sensitivity, fascination

Purple – enchantment

Pink – elegance, grace

White – innocence, purity, youth (although in Eastern cultures this can represent death as well)

Black – death, sickness, darkness

Number of Flowers 

The number of flowers that you include in your tattoo is also something that you should consider. Do you want a single flower, a chain of flowers, or a bouquet? Each of these holds different meanings in your tattoo as well.


Flowers are a wonderful tattoo design for both men and women. In addition to the many meanings that each flower holds in its own right, flowers are also a great representation of life from conception as a seedling, growth into a bud, birth as a beautiful blossom, and then the inescapable wilting of old age before death and then rebirth. When selecting your flower tattoo, be sure to look into the meanings in depth. Focus on the flower type, the meanings that each culture holds for that flower, as well as the color of the flower you would like to have as your tattoo. The flower tattoo design is great because it is one where uniqueness is not difficult to find and its depth of meaning will ensure that your flower tattoo is one that you love for years to come.


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