What You Need to Know about the Sakura or Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

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Cherry Blossom & Sakura Tree Tattoo

The cherry blossom (Chinese culture), or “Sakura tree” (Japanese culture), tattoo design is one that is really starting to make ripples in the Western tattoo world. The Sakura tree or cherry blossom tree tattoo comes from Eastern culture, particularly China and Japan. This tattoo is one that not only looks gorgeous but also holds significant meaning. In this article we will explore who this tattoo is best suited for, ideas for designs, ideas on where you may want to place these tattoos on your body, as well as the deep meaning behind this beautiful symbol. Equipped with this information, you can better decide if this is the tattoo for you.

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Sakura Tree or Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo for Men and Women

Different tattoo symbols are suited for different genders and personality types. Generally the Sakura tree or cherry blossom tree tattoo is one chosen by women. However, it is easy to tweak tattoos to make it more individual and unique, and in the same way it is easy to tweak tattoos to make them more “masculine” and better suited for the male personality as well. This is done by mixing the main tattoo symbol, in this case the cherry blossom or Sakura tree, with other elements and intertwining concepts.

  • To make this tattoo more unique for women, women tend to intertwine the cherry blossom or Sakura tree with hearts, stars or butterflies.
  • Men who are interested in this tattoo design but find it too feminine for their personality can mix the Sakura tree or cherry blossom with more masculine symbols such as fire, skulls or even Geisha’s.
  • Either gender can also consider combining the Sakura tree or cherry blossom tree tattoo with koi fish, quotes or verses they find meaningful.

These are just some of the considerations one can take to make their tattoo unique and representative of their personality.

Different Cherry Blossom and Sakura Tree Tattoo Options

When it comes to plant tattoos, one thing worth considering is which stage of the plant’s life you would like to embody. Cherry blossoms and Sakura tree tattoos can be drawn as just buds on a branch, opened and blossomed flowers, or as a full tree. The Sakura tree or cherry blossom tree tattoo is usually drawn as flowers wrapping around vines or branches.

One idea you can consider is growing the tree as you grow through life. You could start with buds on a tree. As you grow you can come back and do a tattoo cover up and add flowers or grow the branch larger. In this way the tree can hold even more meaning, it can symbolize your growth through life.

Color choice is also a very important aspect of tattoo design and individuality. You can make your tattoo even more unique by choosing to use black and white ink only or color ink. You can make your colors bolder or softer. All of these elements should be taken into consideration when designing your tattoo so you are clear on what you want and can minimize any feelings of regret after your tattoo has already been inked into your skin.

Best Places to Put Your Cherry Blossom or Sakura Tree Tattoo

One of the big decisions to make when choosing any tattoo is where to place it on your body. With the Cherry blossom or Sakura tree tattoo, there are many options. This plant and flower tattoo is typically a large tattoo, however it is also a great tattoo if you want a smaller tattoo.

Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Tattoo for Women

Photo by Katie Tegtmeyer

For those interested in the more traditional and large Sakura tree or cherry blossom tree tattoo, you can wrap place it on  your back going diagonally as is most often done. You can also have it mostly on your upper back, on just one side of your body (right or left), you can have it wrap around your leg or just place it on one shoulder. Another idea is to even make it a sleeve or half sleeve tattoo on your arm. For sleeve and half sleeve tattoos, you can have the vine with the blossoms simply wrap around your arm or you can add some background elements to really fill the sleeve out.

If you are looking for a smaller version of the Sakura tree or cherry blossom tree tattoo, you can consider putting it on the back of your neck, although I much prefer it on other areas like the side of the foot, ankle, side of the hand or wrist.

Cherry Blossom and Sakura Tree Tattoo Meaning

The cherry blossom, as it is called in China, and the Sakura tree, as it is called in Japan each have separate meanings for this symbol. While they are the same symbol, the different cultures have attached individual meanings to this tattoo design.

In China, the cherry blossom tree tattoo is a symbol of female dominance and feminine power, particularly in the light of love and sexuality. This is a great tattoo for any women who want a tattoo that expresses their independence. This is also a great tattoo for anyone, but especially women, who have overcome hurdles in their life or who want to symbolize their strength and their ability to overcome any problem that comes their way. Additionally, the Chinese consider the cherry blossom a sign of good luck.

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In Japan, the Sakura tree tattoo has a darker meaning, but it is also one of living life to the fullest. In Japan, this tree reminds us not to get caught up in the emotions of life or to get attached. Life is always changing and moving through different phases. This symbol reminds us to appreciate each moment as each moment is fleeting and is too short to waste it getting hung up and attached to negative outcomes. Live in the present. It is a symbol of mortality. In Japanese literature, you will often find petals of this tree that have fallen on snow. This has ties back to the Samurai and warrior aspect of Japanese culture and the message that life is short.


As I am sure you can tell by now, this tattoo is one that is strongly filled and fully packed with meaning. The cherry blossom tree tattoo or Sakura tree tattoo can be placed in a variety of places and intertwined with other symbols to make it more unique and special to you. Regardless of how whether you are a man or woman, want a large or small tattoo, or are looking for something you can put on your shoulder, neck, arm, hand, or foot, this is an option that may just be the perfect dream tattoo for you.


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