How to Create Your Own Perfect Tattoo Lettering

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How to Create Your Own Tattoo Lettering

There are many different tattoo styles out there including tribal tattoos, Aztec tattoos and Celtic tattoos. Another type of tattoo that is very popular, and still growing in popularity, is lettering tattoos. When creating your own lettering tattoos there are many factors to consider such as the font, thickness, slant, the actual wording and content, the meaning, and also foreign character options. It is always crucial to remember that a tattoo is permanent, however if you consider all of the factors of your tattoo designs, you can find or design a tattoo that you are truly happy with.

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Thing to Consider When Creating Your Own Tattoo Lettering


Lettering Tattoo of Name on Arm

Photo by (((o.kvlt)))

There are many factors that you need to consider when creating your own tattoo lettering. Whether the lettering is the whole tattoo, or just a portion of the tattoo, consider the following factors before walking into a tattoo parlor:

Fonts. Make sure you explore different types of fonts. There are many tattoo lettering fonts out there and when provided with many options it can be difficult to decide. This is why it is important to finalize this decision before walking into a tattoo parlor to get your tattoo lettering. You can view different fonts by simply going into your Microsoft Office, or other high-level writing software, and looking at the various font choices. You can even write the text you plan to get tattooed and see that text in the different fonts.

Thickness. The boldness or flow of lettering is also something that you should take into account when creating your own tattoo lettering. Do you want your letters to be dark and thick? Or light and swift? Do you want them to be filled in, or just outlines of letters?

Slant. The slant of the letter is another angle worth thinking about. Do you want the lettering to be perfectly straight? Do you want it to be slanted backwards, or slanted forwards?

Content. Consider what the content of your tattoo lettering is going to be. Tattoo content can be a quote you like, a word you find meaningful or inspirational, or the name of a person or pet. This is where you really need to remind yourself that tattoos are permanent. If you are thinking that you can always remove the tattoo later if you do not like it, keep in mind that tattoo removal is costly, requires many treatments, is not pleasant, may not fully remove the tattoo anyways, and can cause scarring.

Meaning. Most tattoos hold meaning and even if they do not, anyone who sees it will likely ask you what your tattoo means. Take some time to consider what the lettering of your tattoo means to you as you create your own tattoo lettering. Whether it is a quote, name or word, what does it mean to you?

Foreign characters. Do not forget to consider foreign characters. Foreign character tattoos is a very popular tattoo lettering choice. Foreign language letters are very unique and add a bit of mystery and interest to your tattoo. It also gives the tattoo a feeling of depth and thought. Some common foreign options are Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Sanskrit letters and words.

Celebrities with Tattoo Lettering

Many celebrities sport tattoo lettering including David Beckham, Julia Roberts, Kaley Cuoco and Dave Navarro.

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Some Additional Notes

No matter what type of tattoo you get, lettering or some other style, try to avoid doing following things:

  • Get the tattoo on the spur of the moment. This does not happen often, but I am sure it has crossed many of our minds at least once when we first turned 18.
  • Get the tattoo while intoxicated. While I am sure getting a tattoo while intoxicated will numb some of the pain, it is definitely better to get a tattoo when you have a clear mind and can make better decisions and judgments.
  • Succumb to peer pressure. Before you walk into a tattoo parlor, ensure that your tattoo is something that you want, 100%. Do not get it because others think it would be really cool. Remember, you and you alone will be the one who will be wearing your tattoo permanently.
  • Base the tattoo on the popular trend at the time. Trends come and go but it is easy to get caught up in the hot topic of the moment – and this can be a bad idea when it comes to something as permanent as a tattoo. When choosing a tattoo design, including lettering, consider whether you are just interested in it because it is popular and trendy right now. Think about whether the tattoo has any real significance to you.

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Choosing and designing a tattoo that is meaningful can be a lot of fun. It is nice to have a permanent symbol of something that is significant to you. Once you have taken the font, thickness, slant, content, meaning and foreign lettering into consideration, creating your own lettering tattoo is definitely a great way to add on to that significance for years to come.


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