How to Make and Design Your Own Tattoo

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How to Make and Design Your Own Tattoo

Tattoos are a reflection of who we are, things we like, how we view ourselves, and philosophies we cherish. It is a permanent memory that we carry with us so it is important to make sure we select something that we are proud of, is designed well and that we will not regret. Today we will talk about how to design your own tattoo whether you are artistically gifted or not. After reading this article you should have a strong idea of what you need to consider when designing your tattoo as well as some ideas on how to make your tattoo unique and a reflection of you.

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Do You Need to Be Artistic to Design Your Own Tattoo?

People often shy away from designing their own, individual tattoo, because they believe they are not artistic enough or creative enough to be able to do so. However, although it does help, you do not need to be artistic to learn how to design your own tattoo. Basic drawing skills are all that is needed in terms of artistic ability. So take the leap, read on for ideas and start designing! If all else fails and you really want a tattoo but are shying away from it, you can always hire an artist to put your ideas together in a way that is perfect for you.

How to Start Designing Your Own Tattoo

The first step for how to design your own tattoo is to take a look at who you are. Consider these questions:

Start coming up with symbols that answer the questions above or represent you. Maybe you are interested in science and want a symbol of an atom. Maybe you like chemistry and want a tattoo of the periodic table of contents, or a favorite molecule.

Once you have done this, look online at tattoo galleries for pictures of your tattoo symbol and find a couple ideas that you like.

Once you have a symbol that you like, we can start to make it more unique and even more representative of who you are.

Drawing Inspiration for Your Tattoo Designs

Search Online. One of the best ways to draw inspiration for how to design your own tattoo is by searching online and looking through tattoo galleries. This is also where you can start to get ideas on how to make your symbols more individualistic. Spend some time looking online for different ways your tattoo idea can be portrayed. How have others designed this tattoo before? How have others designed other tattoos?


Hourglass Sand Flower Barbed Wire Tattoo

Photo by Beny Shlevich

Mix Concepts. Mix ideas and concepts together. Maybe you have two different symbols in mind. You can intertwine the two different tattoo designs and in doing so, you will have made each tattoo symbol more unique.

Backgrounds. Think about adding interesting backgrounds to your tattoo designs. Backgrounds can be things like fire, fireballs, skulls, rain, ice, lightning bolts, or any other similar symbols. Backgrounds fill your tattoo designs out, make them more interesting and add some flare.

Coloring. Another thing to consider when trying to figure out how to design your own tattoo is to consider the coloring of the tattoo. Do you want it to be black and white? Do you want color? If the tattoo symbol that you have selected is one that generally is done in bold colors, you might want to do them using gentler colors. If you are interested in wolf tattoos, you might make everything black and white except for the eyes which could be steel blue. Play around with color ideas.

Location. Consider where on the body you would like to place your tattoo. This is an important consideration when wanting to know how to design your tattoo as it will give you some perspective. You would probably put something different on your lower back than you would on your ankle or on your wrist.

Tattoo style. Explore and think about what style of tattoo you would like to design. Maybe you are interested in tribal tattoos, Native American tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Japanese lettering tattoos, etc.

Tattoo meaning. Research the meaning of the tattoo designs that you are interested in. This is important to explore when learning how to design your own tattoo. You may like a certain symbol but then learn that you are not interested in the meaning. It is important to fully understand your tattoo before making it a permanent part of your body.

Final Step

After taking all of the above into consideration, take some time to sketch your tattoo onto a sheet of paper. If you need to, feel free to print a picture of your tattoo, elements of your tattoo, or close representations from an image or tattoo gallery online.

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Once you have a basic sketch, go to a tattoo artist that you like and talk to them about your thoughts. They can help embellish and provide additional ideas to expand your tattoo and make it something that you are truly proud of.


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