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Infected Tattoo Care

Most people interested in getting tattoos do not always realize that in getting a tattoo they are causing a lot of trauma to the tattoed area. Of course, our body is strong and can heal, but it is important that you follow tattoo aftercare instructions to reduce the chances of bleeding, getting infected, irritation, tattoo fading and tattoo cracking. It is also important to remember that while our body is resilient, with so much trauma caused to the skin by tattooing, we need to step in and take an active role in the tattoo aftercare and healing process.

After getting a tattoo, our skin is left vulnerable to the unsafe viral agents and bacteria that are around us. If we do not take precautions, we are much more prone to getting an infected tattoo and needing additional care. It is not only important to follow aftercare instructions to prevent infections, but also to prevent other health issues that can occur as a result of an infected tattoo.

As you are leaving the tattoo parlor, your tattoo artist will provide you with aftercare instructions. If he or she forgets, make sure to remind them before you leave the parlor. It is also best to read over the tattoo aftercare instructions before leaving the parlor so that you can ask your tattoo artists any questions you may have.

Upon leaving the tattoo parlor, make sure to purchase the aftercare products that you need.

Also keep in mind that your tattoo parlor will likely sell or provide these products to you.

Healed hand tattoo aftercare

Hand tattoo by micaeltattoo

Purchasing it from your tattoo parlor may make things simpler for you. Most tattoo artists themselves have tattoos so they have used similar products and should be able to answer any questions you have. Some tattoo artists may have personally had infected tattoos in the past and will be able to provide you with solid advice.

Following the instructions your tattoo artists provides will reduce the chances of your tattoo getting smudged, cracked, faded, and infected and will speed up the healing process. The instructions, while written by professionals, are very simple and easy to follow.

The aftercare process should not take much time. It will likely take you a few minutes each day, several times a day, and will consist of using antibiotic ointment that includes Bacitracin such as Bepanthem. This ointment does not only serve as an antibiotic, but also as a moisturizer. Moisturizing is key to healing your tattoo wound, preventing cracking, bleeding, fading of the tattoo, and most importantly preventing an infected tattoo.

Keep in mind that the tattoo healing process takes about 50 days. Remember to follow the aftercare procedures for the amount of time your tattoo artist recommends. Even if your tattoo looks or feels healed before the time frame your artist recommends, continue with the treatment per your artists instructions. Also know that you can expect itching, peeling and scabbing during the healing process but refrain from scratching.

The tattoo healing and aftercare process is not one to be laughed at. Getting a tattoo is like having a surgical procedure done. Infected tattoos are no fun at all, but there are also future health issues that can result. The healing process does not require much effort, is very easy to follow and will make your tattoo experience a safe and enjoyable one.


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