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Tattoo Cover Up 

There are many reasons why someone might want to get a tattoo cover up. Maybe they do no longer like their tattoo, or maybe they just want to cover their tattoo for an important event like a wedding or for work. While clothing is the obvious answer for this issue, what if your tattoo is not in an area that is always covered by clothing? In this article, we will talk about different tattoo cover up options depending on your cover up needs.

Cover Up with a New Tattoo 

If you want to cover up your tattoo because you no longer like it, the words “tattoo cover up” mean something very different to you than they do to someone who just wants to conceal their tattoo temporarily. You are more interested in something more permanent. The most common option for someone who wants to cover up their tattoo because they no longer like it is to go to a tattoo artist with a design that you can tattoo over your original tattoo.


Tribal tattoo covered up with tiger

Tattoo Cover Up Photo by Will Merydith

When getting a tattoo on top of your original tattoo, there are some things you may want to consider. First of all, one of the best colors for covering up your tattoo is black. Many people opt to get tattoos of 8-balls, eagles, or panthers to hide their previous tattoos. However, if these types of options do not sound appealing to you, think about the shape of your current tattoo and find a design that can incorporate that shape. If you do this, you will make our tattoo cover up experience a much more pleasant one and you will be able to hide your original tattoo much more successfully. 

Tattoo Removal as a Cover Up Option

If you do not want your original tattoo or any other tattoo whatsoever, you can always undergo a tattoo removal process. Do know that tattoo removal is expensive, involves multiple treatments, is painful, can involve some serious itchiness, and in many cases it will not remove your tattoo completely. Tattoo removal can also cause scarring. If you are sporting an all black tattoo, you may have a better shot at being able to remove your tattoo completely. 

Makeup for Tattoo Cover Ups

If you are only trying to cover up your tattoo temporarily, say for some formal event, make up may be the best option for you. There are many tattoo make up products available for people who want to temporarily cover up their tattoos. Concealers are the most commonly used makeup product. You can look into products like Tattoo Camo, the Dermablend kit by Ulta or the KatVon D Lock-It kit by Sephora. Using makeup to cover up your tattoos is best for people who have smaller tattoos, although these products can be used for people who have a lot of skin to cover. 

Covering Tattoos with Sleeves

If you have several tattoos in one area or a very large tattoo and cannot or do not want to use regular clothing to cover it up, you can buy tattoo cover up sleeves like the ones by Tatjacket. Tattoo cover up sleeves mostly come in black and beige. They can be the full length of the arm or they can be shorter covering only part of your arm. You can have sleeves that cover just the upper half of your arm or just the lower half. This is another great option for covering your tattoos temporarily. 

Similarly, if you have tattoos on your legs that you would like to cover up but you still want to wear shorts or a skirt or a dress, you can wear regular leggings that you buy at any store. Most women own a pair of leggings, but there are leggings available for men as well.

As previously mentioned, there are several reasons why someone would want to cover up their tattoo. Tattoo cover ups can be done in several different ways. You can cover your tattoos using sleeves, leggings, makeup, tattoo removal, or by tattooing a new tattoo on top of the original one. Regardless of whether you want to cover up your tattoo permanently or temporarily, there are several options available to you.


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