What You Need to Know About Tongue Tattoos

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What You Need to Know About Tongue Tattoos

Tongue tattoos have been gaining in popularity over the past few years, especially amongst the youth. Tongue tattoos are just that, permanent inking done on the tongue. Even though the process of tongue tattooing is very similar to the process of tattooing anywhere else on the body, there are some concerns. In this article we will address some concerns regarding this tattoo including the pain, procedure, aftercare, common designs, and common tattoo locations. If you are interested in getting a tongue tattoo, this should give you some ideas for your own design.


Lip infinity tattoo design

Lip infinity tattoo photo by SharonaGott

One of the first things people want to know before getting a tongue tattoo is about the level of pain. This may surprise you to hear, but getting a tattoo on your tongue is not as painful as getting a tattoo on many other areas of your body. In fact, tongue tattoos are considered relatively painless. The procedure is essentially the same as with any other tattoo, with the exception that the tattoo artist uses a tool to keep your tongue out and still. Otherwise, needles are used to puncture the skin and put in coats of ink that create the design of your tattoo. Those who get this tattoo commonly say that it just feels numb or like gentle tickling. The process is pretty quick and simple and the pain is low.

Another concern many tongue tattoo seekers have is about the aftercare process. The tongue tattoo takes a shorter time to heal than most other tattoos. Whereas other tattoos take about 50 days to heal, the tongue tattoo will heal in about 3 weeks. It is important to note that there may be some pain after the first few days or first week due to some crust buildup on your tattoo. The crust build up is normal and is part of the healing process. Otherwise, the healing process should feel numb and tingly, particularly during the first few days.

Even though the tongue is a smaller area, there are many designs that you can tattoo into it. Many people choose cartoons like Hello Kitty, words or lettering, tribal tattoo designs, insects like scorpions or butterflies, and shapes like stars. Others choose to tattoo their entire tongue in a completely different color permanently. People who choose to do this may choose to tattoo their tongue completely orange, blue, green, purple, etc. While there will be some limitations to your selection of tattoo options, the tongue tattoo still has a lot of flexibility and many designs to offer.

People choose to tattoo their tongues in different places which can give you some more design flexibility and individuality. While the obvious tattoo location is to tattoo the center of the tongue, many people choose to tattoo a smaller portion. Some choose to tattoo just the tip while others choose to tattoo the side of the tongue. Still others choose to just tattoo the lower half of the tongue. Think about how big, small or obvious you want your tongue tattoo to be and use that to help you determine where you want to place your tongue tattoo.

While small, the tongue tattoo has many advantages and is worth looking into if it is something you are considering getting. The tongue tattoo is a low-pain area, takes a shorter time to heal than other tattoos, is definitely a tattoo that offers some flare and has many design styles and locations to choose from. The tongue tattoo is not a scary procedure and is worth a second look for anyone interested.


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