Wrist Tattoo Designs and Risks

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Wrist Tattoo Designs and Risks


Jewel wrist tattoo armband tattoo picture image

Jewel wrist tattoo photo by Minarae

Tattoos look great on any part of the body but each part of the body adds a different feel to the tattoo. While lower back and ankle tattoos give a more sensuous feel to the tattoo, wrist tattoos can add a more delicate or even serious touch depending on what type of wrist tattoo design you get. If you are interested in a wrist tattoo, there are many options and designs available. In this article we will discuss different design ideas for wrist tattoos as well as some things you may want to take into consideration before deciding on putting your tattoo in this location

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When most people think about wrist tattoos they imagine the tattoo being located on the inner wrist instead of on the outer wrist or the sides of the wrist. While the inner wrist is certainly a more common place for a tattoo design than the outer or sides of the wrist, the other locations are certainly worth considering when thinking about your tattoo. Also remember that wrist tattoos do not have to be limited to just one part of the wrist. You can have a wrist tattoo design that wraps around the wrist like a band. There are many things to consider when designing your wrist tattoo including the actual elements and meat of your tattoo.

The wrist is a smaller area than most on the body, but there are more than enough great designs that can be placed in this area. The wrist can hold tattoo designs like the infinity tattoo, tribal tattoo designs, Celtic tattoos, a barbed wire tattoo and tattoo lettering including a single word, quotes, the name of someone close to you. Wrist tattoos can include shapes like stars, hearts and snowflakes. It include plants like the Sakura tree or cherry blossom. Wrist tattoo designs can include animals like birds or insects. There are many options and there is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to the this tattoo. 

Flower tattoo as wrist tattoo banner picture

Wrist tattoo photo by purplbutrfly


In addition to considering the best location aesthetically and the design of the wrist tattoo, there are some other things to take into account when deciding on whether you would like to get a tattoo on your wrist. Wrist tattoos are considered painful by many so if you have a low-pain tolerance this may not be the best place for a tattoo for you. With that said, others consider this area the same pain level as any other area. This will have to be a personal decision that you make. Another important consideration is that the wrist tattoo is one that gets exposed and dried out much faster than most other tattoo locations. As such, the chances of infection and tattoo fading are greater. Everyone should take their aftercare regimen seriously but those with wrist tattoo should pay even more heed. Because of its location, this tattoo may require more touch ups than other areas of the body. Also, the healing process will take longer. Though there are some downsides to getting a wrist tattoo, there are also benefits.

Wrist tattoos have several positives to them as well. Probably the most important feature of the wrist tattoo is that it can be enjoyed by many including yourself. With the wrist tattoo you can see it at any time that you wish simply by looking at your hands. If you get a back tattoo, however, you cannot see your tattoo unless you take off your clothing and look in a mirror. There are many other benefits, but this is one of the biggest benefits to the wrist tattoo. 

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As you can see, even though the wrist is a small area, it has a lot to offer. While this tattoo is more painful for most people compared to other parts of the body and requires more diligent aftercare, the wrist tattoo provides many benefits. By putting a tattoo design on your wrist you are giving yourself the freedom to see the tattoo whenever you please while still being able to cover it up easily with clothing or a watch. There are also a multitude of wrist tattoo designs available for you to choose from. If pain and aftercare are not major factors for you, the wrist tattoo may be the perfect option for you.


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