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Lower Back Tattoos and Celebrity Tattoos


Sensuous lower back tattoo of third eye on woman

Photo by cobblucas

There are many sexy places to get tattooed for both men and women. One of the sexiest places to get a tattoo is on the lower back. Not only is this a great part of the body to get a tattoo because of its sensual nature, but it is also great because it makes it easy for the wearer to choose when he or she wants to show it off and there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to deciding just what kind of lower back tattoo you would like to get. Plus, the lower back is a common place for celebrities of all kinds to get tattoos including actors, actresses, musicians and athletes. This article should give you an idea of why people enjoy getting lower back tattoos as well as some ideas for lower back tattoos for women based off of some celebrity tattoos.

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Lower Back Tattoos and Sensuality

The most obvious reason for wanting to get a lower back tattoo is that the lower back is one of the most sensuous places on the body. There are many other sensuous body parts like the ankle, of course, however the lower back is definitely one of the high-ranking parts. Adding a tattoo to this part of the body enhances the attractiveness of the lower back for both men and women. This is one of the reasons why it is such a great place for a tattoo.

Tattoo Concealment is Easy with Lower Back Tattoos

The lower back tattoo is especially loved by women. Placing a tattoo on the lower back gives the wearer the flexibility to choose when he or she wants to show off the tattoo. While times are certainly changing, men tend to show off their tattoos much more than women do. Women tend to prefer being able to hide their tattoo if they wish. For anyone wanting to cover up their tattoo, whether they are a student in a school that has a no-tattoo policy, they work in a professional environment, or for any other reason, the lower back tattoo is a good option regardless of if you are a man or woman. 

Lower Back Tattoo Options and Celebrities with Lower Back Tattoos

There are many more options and designs available for those wanting a lower back tattoo. Lower back tattoos can be small, medium or big. You can get tribal tattoos, tattoo lettering, flowers tattoos, animals, stars, fairies, etc. Your tattoos can be long, short, tall, or any size that you wish.

While the lower back tattoo is sometimes referred to as a “tramp stamp,” it really does not have to be considered in a negative light. There are many respectable women, and men, who wear tattoos in this area. There are also many respectable celebrities who proudly show of their lower back tattoos:

  • Julia Roberts has the names of her children tattooed on her lower back,
  • Eva Longoria sports a cross on her lower back
  • Angelina Jolie wears a large tiger
  • Kaley Cuoco wears the worth “faith” written in Kanji
  • Debra Wilson has a tribal tattoo inked across her lower back

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There are many other celebrities who sport tattoos of fairies, panthers, roses, other flowers, stars, and crowns including celebrities such as Anna Kournikova, Pamela Anderson, Lady Gaga and the like. These celebrity tattoo design choices should give you some ideas on what you might want to put on a lower back tattoo of your own. 

Male Celebrities Sport Lower Back Tattoos As Well

Many male celebrities also sport lower back tattoos as well. Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction has the word “Constance” tattooed across his lower back. David Beckham has the one of one of his sons, Brooklyn, tattooed across his lower back. 


The lower back tattoo is definitely one worth considering if you are thinking about getting a tattoo. It is definitely a popular place for a tattoo, enhances the sensuality of an already sensuous body part, gives you the flexibility to hide or cover up the tattoo whenever you decide, and while it is more often worn by women it is a great option for men as well. Many celebrities choose to get tattoos in this location as well. When deciding on your own tattoo, remember to think about the lower back as a possible location option.


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