Best Places to Put The Barbed Wire Tattoo & Its Meanings

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Where to Put The Barbed Wire Tattoo & Its Meanings

The barbed wire tattoo design is one that has many meanings and roots. It is one that more men wear, but that women are also fond of. In this article we will explore the traditional meanings behind this tattoo as well as options for where this tattoo can be placed on your body and some ideas on how to make this tattoo design unique. If you are interested in getting a barbed wire tattoo then this should give you some insight and inspiration.

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The barbed wire tattoo was originally a tattoo worn by Russian convicts. These prisoners would get the barbed wire tattooed on different parts of their bodies, with each part of the body having a different meaning. For example, someone with the barbed wire tattooed on the top of the head or forehead was likely sentenced to life in prison. Someone with the barbed wire tattooed as an armband tattoo was sentenced to much less time in prison. Some prisoners would also add spikes to their barbed wire tattoo designs to indicate the number of years they spent in prison. Some trace this symbolism to the Italians as well. Of course, this tattoo is also a symbol of war, particularly World War II, so it has a much darker meaning. The barbed wire tattoo is a religious symbol to some as it also signifies the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore and the sacrifice he endured. While there is definitely a lot of meaning behind this tattoo, most people get it purely because they like how it looks. This tattoo is really for anyone even if they do not attach any specific meaning to it.

Barbed Wire Tattoo Design

Barbed wire photo by angusleonard

While this tattoo is usually placed on the arm as an armband tattoo, this is not the only place this tattoo can be put. There are many other options that are just as good for both men and women. Many men and women choose to get the barbed wire tattoo on their wrists or ankles, like a barbed wire bracelet or anklet. If you choose to put this tattoo on your wrist, do note that it will be harder to conceal your tattoo at work or school.

The back is another great place to put a barbed wire tattoo. It can really go on any part of your back because and there is much more room for creativity because there is more skin available for tattooing, however the lower back is a popular area for this tattoo.

Others like putting this tattoo around their neck or waist like a barbed wire necklace tattoo or belt. Again, if you are interested in getting the neck tattoo, make sure that you will not be put in situations where you will have to hide it regularly. If you work in a professional setting or go to school where tattoos are not allowed, you may want to consider a different area for this tattoo. The waist, lower back or ankle is a great spot as you can easily cover up the tattoo with clothing whenever needed.

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As with any tattoo, the options for personalization are many. No matter what tattoo you select, you always have the option to intertwine different symbol ideas together to make your tattoo more unique. If you are interested in getting a barbed wire tattoo, think about another symbol that appeals to you like hearts, stars, yin-yang, a cross, rose, etc. You can have these symbols embedded within your barbed wire tattoo, or you can have these symbols wrapped in the barbed wire itself. Or consider other symbols that go with the barbed wire or bondage-type motif and intertwine those ideas together.

There are many places you can put and many ideas you can combine with the barbed wire tattoo design. The barbed wire tattoo is one that is great for those wanting to convey a deeper darker meaning, as well as those who just like the way it looks or want to show off their tough side. Put some thought into where you would like to put this tattoo on your body and what other elements interest you. In doing so, you will not only have a tattoo that is more personal to you but one that is put in a part of your body that you are comfortable with.


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